Why WorkTripp?

We know that there are amazing organisations and people out there who share our passion to reinject the sense of adventure and social learning back into work. WorkTripp exists in order to better connect company teams and suppliers in order to achieve more of these moments, improving working lives and business performance.

Upload your listing: coaches, facilitators, speakers

Upload your listing: venues, co-working

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Coaches, facilitators, speakers
Unique retreat venues, hotels, co-working
You're among (quality) friends
Our community is based around relevance
High-quality only
We review all listings and approve only those who meet the needs of our typical customer type.
= Less trawling for customers, more conversions for you.
Transparency for all
We create shareable information for all teams and suppliers involved in each offsite so everyone is on the same page, clear about current status, and contactable.
Chat with customers
We know that creating a perfect offsite entails a deep understanding of the team and their needs. That's why we help you to chat with customers pre-booking, as well as share video intros to make that personal connection.
Showing off your business
We like to show off the best work our community is doing, including in spotlight services, and our Impactful Offsites interview series. We are here to get your work out there.
Reviews and insights
We know how important reviews are to our customers, so we support you to get the best reviews by providing insights on the things customers really want. We add our impact data to your listing to show the areas where your involvement really made a difference.
Quick and simple payment
We pay suppliers two weeks after each WorkTripp, minus commission. This model ensures our customers aren't hit with extra costs, and everyone benefits from being in a shared community.
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