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At WorkTripp our mission is to raise the value of your team offsites, so that your team can perform with intensity and purpose.

Our unique perspective from the world of education, events and technology means we know the importance of shared experiences and social learning, as well as insights and impact. Learn more about the WorkTripp team >

The diluted experience of work limits potential

How do we create more of those Aha! moments and re-inject the social learning and shared experience back into work?

We believe offsites can help build trust and alignment, but the current experience to plan, book, and review offsites poorly serves customers and suppliers.

How we help

WorkTripp is a B2B marketplace and subscription tool to supercharge team culture, talent, and productivity, through offsites and back-at-desk learning design. We tackle discoverability, time-saving, and quality-control, all with hybrid teams front of mind.

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You're among (quality) friends

Our community is made up of certified and executive coaches, facilitators, speakers, venues and experience. We help you to discover what you're looking for and unlock positive change within your organisation. Find out more about our quality vetting process here.

How does it work?
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    Search WorkTripp listings
    Search for coaches, facilitators, speakers, venues & experiences
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    Set your WorkTripp goals
    Our process helps you identify the specific focus of your offsite.
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    Create your free account
    Set up your individual account and start adding interesting listings to your WorkTripp buiilder (a shareable project planner). 
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    Enquire, chat, & book
    Enquire, chat, and set exact pricing with up to five suppliers in each category, before booking your favourites.
    We take a 3% booking fee at checkout.
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    Measure impact
    We have all the tools to measure the impact of your offsite, in order to understand the needs of your team and individual employees.
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    Keep going with recommendations
    Support your team and employee needs with back-at-desk recommendations for continual learning, support and connection.
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“As business becomes increasingly values-based, WorkTripp will be needed more than ever.”

“As we grew the Kahoot! team from startup to scaleup - across Europe & the US - our annual "Kahoot! 'ado" and quarterly "Mini'ado" became integral anchor points in the company's history. Company culture developed at rapid rates; through new bonds, shared appreciation, empathy for colleagues, aligned values and memorable experiences - all grounded in company strategy and operational outcomes.

This is why I believe in what WorkTripp is doing. Company offsites aren't about team-building gimmicks or free perks. Being together is important. Being in special locations makes it memorable and provides focus. As business becomes increasingly values-based, WorkTripp will be needed more than ever.”

Jamie Brooker
Co-Founder of Kahoot!
Don't just take our word for it
The science reminds us why this is important
  • Stanford: Virtual Communication Curbs Creative Idea Generation
    In a recent Stanford experiment, in-person teams generated about 15% more ideas than virtual teams. The researchers found that, for creative collaboration, sometimes you can’t beat a face-to-face meeting. And Jeremy Utley at the Stanford D School says "The best outcomes are when we modulate being alone and being together."
  • MIT: Informal conversation are most important factor of team success
    According to researchers at MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory, “conversations outside of formal meetings are the most important factor that contributes to team success”. This is why surgical teams always chat about what they did at the weekend. Building cross-team bonds leads to greater psychological safety and exceptional performance.
  • Mckinsey: Teams don't do enough work on psychological safety
    McKinsey point out that most teams don’t do enough to work on their psychological safety. They call for teams to “Invest in leadership-development experiences that are emotional, sensory, and create aha moments. Learning experiences that are immersive and engaging are remembered more clearly and for a longer time.”
  • Stanford/Aristotle: Being active can unlock new innovation
    Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Aristotle all walked to aid thinking and, indeed, Stanford researcher’s established that a person's creative output increased by an average of 60 percent when walking. We love remote work, but we think that getting everyone together in memorable environments can really shape team buy-in and unlock new innovation.
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You might be a CHRO, VP People & Culture, Global Head of Learning and Development, Director of Org Design, or Global Director of HR working hard to get team buy-in for your new world of work? Maybe we can help you discover something more adventurous for your next offsite, and provide insights into psychological safety, motivation and team performance.
Charity, Accelerator, or NGO?
Head of Community or Organisational Learning Lead working hard to mitigate burn-out in a purpose-led team or to bring a cohort together? We can help you plan ahead for your multiple offsites each year with our WorkTripp project planner.
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