Why WorkTripp?
We know that there are amazing organisations and people out there who share our passion to reinject the sense of adventure and social learning back into work. WorkTripp exists to better connect company teams and purpose-driven coaches, facilitators, speakers, venues and experiences in order to achieve more of these moments, improving working lives and business performance.
WorkTripp is a B2B marketplace and subscription tool to help companies set goals, source coaches, facilitators, venues and experiences, and identify insights for transformative purpose and performance.
How It Works
Create an account
Enter your name, email address, and your pay-out details
Create a listing
Tell everyone all about why you are brilliant and your specialist areas
Respond to enquiries
Talk directly to customers, understand team needs and send out tailored proposals to secure bookings
Get paid
Automatically receive your payment on the day of the event
You're among (quality) friends
Our community is based around relevance and committed to creating impact through exceptional team experiences
  • High-quality only
    We review all listings and approve only those who meet the needs of our typical customer type.
    = Less trawling for customers, more conversions for you.
  • Transparency for all
    We create shareable information for all teams and suppliers involved in each offsite so everyone is on the same page, clear about current status, and contactable.
  • Chat with customers
    We know that creating a perfect offsite entails a deep understanding of the team and their needs. That's why we help you to chat with customers pre-booking, as well as share video intros to make that personal connection.
  • Showing off your business
    We like to show off the best work our community is doing, including in spotlight services, and our Impactful Offsites interview series. We are here to get your work out there.
  • Reviews and insights
    We know how important reviews are to our customers, so we support you to get the best reviews by providing insights on the things customers really want. We add our impact data to your listing to show the areas where your involvement really made a difference.
  • Quick and simple payment
    We take 10% commission and pay suppliers on the day of each WorkTripp. This model ensures our customers aren't hit with extra costs, and everyone benefits from being in a shared community.
Coaches, Facilitators and Speakers
Saving you time & increasing your value by improving discoverability, positioning and quality-control
We know that cultural fit is essential for coaches, facilitators, speakers and teams working together. That's why we connect you both to chat, ideate, in order to develop a relevant proposal.
Coaches, Facilitators, Speakers

We believe that in the future of work, it will be ever more important to build lateral connections across teams and that coaches and facilitators are crucial to making this happen. We believe that whilst coaching used to be the preserve of the leadership team, now it will be essential to nurturing all talent in a fast-changing world. We believe that high-quality coaching and facilitation is integral to really unlock those "aha" moments from offsites and back-at-desk working.

Discoverability | Positioning | Quality-Control
But, whilst coaching and facilitation become more important, the discovery process for teams is broken. Teams rely on word of mouth and coaches and facilitators who are amazing at what they do miss out. With a huge recent influx of "coaches and facilitators", it is hard for teams to discover the specialist and quality-vetted person that they need. And, finally, whilst online and virtual is fantastic, research is increasingly showing us that in-person moments are important for business ideation, conflict resolution and psychological safety. We get so many of our best ideas from lateral and analogous thinking, which is why more and more teams are wanting to bring outside speakers to their offsites. Keynote speakers have had a tumultuous time with the physical events industry and traditional speaker bureaus taking an unreasonable cut.

So, that's why we are excited to help elevate your offsite offering, alongside your other work.

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Venues and Experiences
Helping you bring your corporate bookings offer to market
We know that there are incredible venues and experiences out there. We want to help more teams reach you, in order to have the right environment for transformative "aha" moments.
Venues and Experiences

We believe that the days of offsites being booked at the forgettable hotel down the road are long gone. Employees are hungry for memorable connection, and venues and experiences that allow for deep thinking, personal growth, and transformative moments for the company. Our Government-funded research with the Community Renewal Fund showed us that there was great opportunity for venues and experiences in re-positioning their offer to be business-facing to capture out-of-season revenue, but there were challenges around capacity and expertise to do this. The current experience for teams booking offsites is searching across multiple largely consumer-facing websites. We want to make that easier and more value-added for teams, by providing the criteria they need, integrated with the other services they need.

Helping you get more corporate bookings
By repositioning your offer in a business-friendly way, we can help you unlock more corporate bookings. We are especially keen on sustainable-focused business, which offer out-of-city environments to assist deep thinking and connection. If you're concerned about creating a new listing, create your account and enter your pay-out details and we can create the listing for you.

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Supporting your work,
achieving the greatest transformation
Bringing the WorkTripp ethos to everything we do
  • Quarterly WorkTripps
    Opportunities to develop peer to peer learning and development. Speed dating, learning cafés, peer-led sessions, and *Actual* fireside chats, webinars
  • Whatsapp community
    We are always on hand to respond to your needs and to feed your ideas back into WorkTripp
  • Buddy system
    Developing your own connections through the WorkTripp community
  • Genuinely purposeful work
    Working together we can genuinely change peoples lives for the better, and give you more time back to do what you do best
  • Presents
    We offer referral credits to our community, as well as regular invites to industry events
  • Insights
    Through our insights and back-at-desk recommendations product, we can support your work and positioning even jmore
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