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Find out how you can apply to join the Chief of Staff Network London Summit this June!

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Join us at the Bedruthan Steps Hotel to talk about sustainable working culture and connect with the people creating a new world of work together. There will be surfing (and other alternative shared experiences). Come and be our guest.

Tuesday 27th September. Eventbrite here.

WorkTripp has won a Devon County Council – Devon Elevation Fund Community Renewal Fund grant to explore how "Workations" can support year-round employment and sustainable business for the hospitality sector. Woot!
Innovation at Work - some resource recommendations with Strava, Women in Tech, SkyScanner, and Ocado
This week, Tuesday, I had the pleasure of moderating a session at the Economist Impact Events Innovation@Work event on #diversity and #inclusion and empowering everyone to succeed and bring their whole selves to work.

My key takeaways from the event are available here and I've subsequently followed some lovely commentary on the session, including this from Elizabeth Sowula, Head of HR at Japan House London.

In the spirit of our session being authentic and practical as Elizabeth described, I wanted to share the resources suggested by the panellists for anyone who wasn't able to watch on the day, or back on demand. So, get your notepads out and read on here...

Humanising Hybrid Work: Introducing a new marketplace 
The past two years have seen a huge shift in our ways of working -not all good. ????

In this post learn more about the vision of WorkTripp: a unique booking marketplace integrating learning, culture & collective experience in high-impact offsite to humanise hybrid work and aid talent retention.

✏️ Want to get involved? 2022 is all about building the community, raising early-stage investment, and running digital and in-person pilots. ✏️
How did WorkTripp all begin?
The origin story behind WorkTripp and why we are obsessed with collective memory making.
Innovation in the Wilds
A chance to reflect on the concept of Innovation in the Wilds and why shared experiences and analogy are two human superpowers for the Future of Work! More here.

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better. -Albert Einstein
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