WorkTripp Subscription

Reimagine your cycle of work

We're proud to support sustainable working design, blending the best of offsites and online to boost your team's connection, creativity and culture.

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"In an increasingly hybrid world, employee experience and team culture are critical factors to business performance. Worktripp uniquely brings this together for optimal outcomes."
Caroline Arora, People & Culture VP
With levels of team engagement falling, loneliness rising and the skills gap widening, it's no wonder 'people sustainability' is high on the business agenda.

Our subscription service & tools are built to scaffold a way of working that supports human connection & upskilling throughout your financial year. Delivering the results you really care about: great culture, talent retention, and increased productivity long-term.
Why Choose WorkTripp
Combining expertise in events, continuous learning, leadership & the future of work, we know how to do this right.
  • Research-backed
    We use impact & evaluation research to measure the impact of your offsite strategy on psychological safety, intrinsic motivation & perceived team performance - all the hallmarks of a high-performing team.
  • High-quality network
    We take the guess work out of booking the right place & suppliers to create high-impact offsites that are right for your team, whatever their starting point.
  • Meaningful experiences
    With over 17 years' experience in event creation & community engagement, we know what a great - and lasting - experience looks like. We'll create that for you, every time your team meets.
  • Long-term view
    We're invested in team performance over the long-term. We can integrate your L&D strategy into your offsite design, with tailored recommendations to support skills development & team connection during and between WorkTripps.
What's Included
For just £499 per person, our annual subscription blends the best of offsites and online.
  • Year-long offsite strategy
    We'll craft a cadence of team offsites that supports your business, learning & development, and talent strategy goals.
  • Impact & evaluation
    We will measure the success of each offsite with our research-backed surveys, delivering insights to inform your ongoing people strategy.
  • End-to-end design & planning
    As each offsite approaches, we'll design a programme exclusively for your team - then deliver it.
  • Continuous learning
    We'll deliver wrap-around content, behavioural nudges & partner recommendations to make sure the impact of your offsites continues when the team returns to their desk.
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