Outside thinking & creativity
£1,000 per person up to 20 people

An overnight WorkTripp to bring your team together, innovate your thinking and align in nature.


Take your team out of the day-to-day and re-commit to creativity and connection.
Author and Exited Founder

Author of The Creativity Factor, shortlisted for Business Book of the Year Awards 2023, Garry is an exited founder and innovative thinker. His "walkshops" are designed to enable your whole team to share a journey centred on the future of your venture organisation. This overnight worktripp is team and project-centred rather than heavily
structured, and offers all participants an enjoyable, active day in nature, whilst doing some genuinely deep thinking.

What's included?
Our unique perspective from the world of education, events and technology means we know the importance of shared experiences and social learning, as well as insights and impact.

Please note: travel to the offsite is not included.
  • Expert-designed overnight programme
    An agenda created by a true expert in their field, designed for connection: to reconnect team members to their motivation, to each other and to their environment
  • Accommodation
    Unique bedrooms for each team member, in a memorable, rural location within 2 hours of London or Bristol - meeting and break-out space included
  • Facilitated sessions
    Trained facilitators guide the team through the programme, delivering engaging sessions that deliver impact you won't forget
  • Food & drink
    Nourishing food and drink, accommodating dietary requirements
  • Team experiences
    Scheduled time for teams to take part in an experience or activity that speaks to them, and allows for natural connections to take place
  • Insights, accountability & recommendations
    We collect insights on where your team are and make organisational and individual recommendations to continue the momentum back-at-desk
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WorkTripp's Recommended Venues
Community experience & accommodation 30 mins from London
Converted Victorian farm​,​ workshop & retreat in Kent
Award-winning venue in the heart of the North Wessex Downs
What's next?
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  • Review & approve
    Review and chat to suppliers direct, to ensure they are a good cultural fit.
    When you’re happy, we book.
  • Get insights
    Use our surveys to understand the impact of your offsite, and receive recommended resources to continue the momentum.
Take it a step further
Reimagine your world of work, with a cadence of WorkTripps & back-at-desk support to sustain high team performance and engagement.

From £499pp, our annual subscription supports your team through a year of quarterly offsites, accountability sessions, resources and nudges to increase psychological safety, intrinsic motivation and perceived team performance.
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