Power in Community
Please review our code of conduct and service level agreement below.
We are WorkTripp.

Our vision is to help all teams enjoy sustainable working culture. We aim to be an indispensable part of the working environment, creating a natural home to support offsite and back-at-desk self-development fit for the new world of work. But that's where you come in.

We know there are many incredible people out there working on this vision, to make work more enjoyable and productive. Our aim is to bring this amazing community together, so collectively we can make a bigger difference. We know how important cultural fit is between customer and client, so our whole model is built on connecting you direct with customers, to agree a scope of work and proposed fee. We take 10% of this agreed proposal fee.

Our strength is in community, so we have a few ways we agree to work together to make the experience as transformational as possible. Please make sure you check out the below.

Our Code of Conduct
Ethical, human-centred, relevant and dependable
  • As part of our talent-nurturing community, you must be driven to help all teams and individuals reach their true potential and have as much fun as possible along the way.
  • You must be reliable, responsive, and trustworthy in all communication and actions.
  • You understand that the value of the community depends on everyone bringing exceptional quality and care to what they do.
  • Certified Coaches adhere to the ICF standards, and all of the WorkTripp community, as trusted advisors, treat all received information as private and confidential.
  • All providers adhere to GDPR when handling customer data and communicating virtually.
Our Service Level Agreement
Working together to create a quality experience for all
How do we define certified coaches and domain experts?
We know definitions vary; these are the criteria we use to verify listings on WorkTripp
  • Certified Coach: To be listed as a certified coach, suppliers must add a current ICF, EMCC, ILM, ACC or equivalent accreditation to their profile as a URL link. eg. Credly.
  • Domain specialist coach, facilitator, speaker: To be listed as a domain specialist coach, facilitator, or inspiring speaker, suppliers must list previous proven specialist success, perspective, and network in their field.
WorkTripp Vision, Mission, and Values
Our Vision is to help all teams, from high-growth startups to well-established corporates, to get together, enjoy work and be productive.

Our Mission is to supercharge team culture and exceptional performance.

Our Values are...
  • Playful: people do their best, most creative work when they can be themselves and have fun.
  • Positive: we nurture a sense of awe in the world, and about what we can achieve together.
  • Ambitious: we want to create the biggest possible impact towards our vision.
Sustainability Policy
We believe in sustainable working culture, and sustainable ways to get there
‣ WorkTripp is focused on being a force for good in the world and as such we see the ecological and climate emergency as something that ought to be considered through every business decision we make.
‣ We have set out our approach to tackling the climate emergency through our own operations and strategy in each area of our business.

Our own operations:
WorkTripp is an agile company that currently has a very low direct scope 1 & 2 carbon emissions, however, we will continue to measure and monitor our carbon emissions as the business grows, looking to eliminate all carbon emissions possible and offset where emissions remain. We are committed to:
  • Purchase all energy through a green energy supplier
  • Generate renewable energy on-site (through solar PV)
  • Minimise energy usage on-site
  • Drive sustainability through the supply chain
Through your WorkTripp:
WorkTripp is an online marketplace, so highlighting sustainability through our marketplace helps to promote the most sustainable locations, experiences and suppliers and helps you find the WorkTripp that most strongly aligns with your values. We will vet our supply chain to ensure that we are working with companies, locations and people who are committed to sustainability.
  • Highlighting sustainability credentials on WorkTripp marketplace
  • Working with suppliers with strong sustainability credentials
  • Choosing locations that connect you and your WorkTripp with nature
  • Sustainability and net zero strategy facilitators on WorkTripp
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