WorkTripp for Teams

Whether you're a team of 5 or 500, we are all about helping you go deeper. We're proud to support sustainable working design, blending the best of offsites and online to boost connection, creativity and culture.
  • From disengaged to purposeful, connected teams
    Memorable in-person experiences generate happy, engaged employees. Use those experiences to focus on working culture, skills development and problem-solving to supercharge your team's performance.
  • From one-off retreats to a cycle of connection
    Enjoy fast problem-solving, continual innovation and increased productivity and growth. Gain clear insights on how offsites are improving your business as part of a new scaffolding for work.
  • From stressed-out organisers to shareable status updates
    Avoid the administrative headache and time-suck of searching, enquiring and booking team offsites. Our outcome-focused approach, tools, and community of suppliers are here to help.
  • From indulgence to impact
    Share insights on what is working for teams across your business through your WorkTripp project planner.
What you offer is invaluable, it’s human glue for a post-human world of work. The whole team at Bodyswaps can’t wait for our next offsite. The bar was placed so high by WorkTripp the first time, we’re hooked.
Disengaged teams cost $7.8 trillion
in lost productivity
What if there was a way to combine the best of online with the best of in-person: the travel and adventure, the social learning and fun, the sense of belonging?

We believe in a working design that boosts productivity, creativity, purpose and potential.

Our unique perspective from the world of education, events and technology means we know the importance of shared experiences and social learning, as well as insights and impact. Learn more about the WorkTripp team >

How does it work?
WorkTripp is a marketplace & subscription tool to supercharge team culture and productivity, through offsites & back-at-desk learning design.
We tackle discoverability, time-saving, and quality-control, all with distributed teams front of mind.
  • 1
    Create a free account
    Sign up for free to access our curated marketplace of memorable venues, inspirational speakers, meaningful experiences and curated specialists.
  • 2
    Outline your WorkTripp
    Set out the top-line details of your next offsite: the purpose of getting together, the size of your team, dates and budget.
  • 3
    Find your perfect venue, workshops & experiences
    Browse suppliers in our curated marketplace & add your favourites to your WorkTripp shortlist.
  • 4
    Enquire, chat & book
    Enquire, chat, and set exact pricing with up to five suppliers in each category, before booking your favourites.
    We take a 3% booking fee at checkout.
  • 5
    ...or save time with WorkTripp support
    Pick from our tried & tested offsite programmes, designed by experts - or add a WorkTripp coordinator or designer to make the whole experience a breeze.
  • 6
    Get insights & recommendations
    Measure the impact of your offsite with our research-backed subscription tools & receive targeted back-at-desk recommendations for continued learning, support and connection.
Save time, increase impact
We've created a series of tried & tested offsites, designed with experts and perfectly planned to maximise team connection.
Each includes accommodation in a memorable out-of-town venue, workshop sessions and meaningful experiences.
Discover our favourite venues
Don't just take our word for it
Scientific research repeatedly reminds us why this is important.
  • Stanford: Virtual Communication Curbs Creative Idea Generation
    In a recent Stanford experiment,in-person teams generated about 15% more ideas than virtual teams. The researchers found that, for creative collaboration, sometimes you can’t beat a face-to-face meeting. And Jeremy Utley at the Stanford D School says "The best outcomes are when we modulate being alone and being together."
  • MIT: Informal conversation are most important factor of team success
    According to researchers at MIT’s Human Dynamics Laboratory, “conversations outside of formal meetings are the most important factor that contributes to team success”. This is why surgical teams always chat about what they did at the weekend. Building cross-team bonds leads to greater psychological safety and exceptional performance.
  • Mckinsey: Teams don't do enough work on psychological safety
    McKinsey point out that most teams don’t do enough to work on their psychological safety. They call for teams to “Invest in leadership-development experiences that are emotional, sensory, and create aha moments. Learning experiences that are immersive and engaging are remembered more clearly and for a longer time.”
  • Stanford/Aristotle: Being active can unlock new innovation
    Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and Aristotle all walked to aid thinking and, indeed, Stanford researcher’sestablished that a person's creative output increased by an average of 60 percent when walking. We love remote work, but we think that getting everyone together in memorable environments can really shape team buy-in and unlock new innovation.
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