Integrating learning, culture & collective experience in high-impact offsites
WorkTripp is a marketplace helping companies to navigate remote work and improve company culture, with an emphasis on people, purpose and place, to radically improve employee buy-in, cross-team innovation and sustained growth fit for work in the hybrid age.
The problem: How do you create a sustainable work culture?
Employees want work from anywhere + in-person experiences
Plus, a commitment to personal development purposefulness, and mental wellbeing. This is the age of employee hospitality. Hybrid is here to stay.
But, remote working has rough edges and needs structure
Embedding company culture is difficult remotely. How can you build trust, address employee mental health, & create cross-team innovation to gain a competitive edge?
Offsites can help, but the current offer is disjointed
Venue booking sites are transactional, and don't integrate essential coaching, leadership and development. Offers lack scale, pedagogy, or are city-based only.
The solution: a curated and quality-vetted marketplace for offsites, coaching, learning and development
Share ROI metrics internally after your WorkTripp
  • Employee retention
    Employees evangelise and deliver for a business focused on working culture, skills development and memorable in-person experiences around the world
  • Competitive Edge
    Create structure, cross-team innovation and buy back time to focus on core business. Create the best experience for every team through WorkTripp.
  • Reverse employee burn out
    Humanise hybrid work, offering the best in remote and in-person, allowing your team to have fully-developed personal lives as well as highly productive working lives.
We believe our business has purpose: connecting the remote working economy with rural and coastal areas for better outcomes
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