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How to create a great workshop or retreat listing

Positioning your workshop or full retreat

Hello! Welcome to WorkTripp, where we help customers to create anti-boring, high-impact offsites for their team. We work with companies that care about their people and have big ambitions for the work they do together.
To make it easy for our customers to find the support they need, we group the services of coaches & facilitators into two areas on our marketplace:
  1. Workshops - these are single sessions, workshops or 1-day programmes that can be booked by customers as part of their offsite experience.
  2. Programmed Retreats - these are multi-day experiences or full retreats, which include several working/learning sessions, perhaps a few experiences and even a specific location or venue. This would be booked by customers as their whole offsite experience.
If you want to list a workshop -> head to Add your listing + and select the Workshops & Speakers section.
If you want to list a programmed retreat -> head to Add your listing + and select the Venues, Programmed Retreats & Experiences section.
Each listing type is linked to your profile page. This is where you can talk about your experience, your background, your purpose, values and motivation for the work you do.
Whichever listing you create, here are a few pointers to make it stand out from the crowd.


This is your one-line marketing message! Focus on what you’re going to deliver, not your whole profile. Choose a single topic/ outcome for your session or workshop; 5 words max. You can create more than 1 listing to cover different offerings or topics.
Eg. “Plan Your Year of Growth” or “The Disney Model For Creativity”.
Imagine this is Netflix and you need to summarise what this workshop is about in one snappy title.
We love photos which capture you in a natural environment. No-one is inspired by photos in front of flip-charts, pop-up banners, or in boring, beige conference rooms. So, any photos of you in a less staid, natural environment are great, especially if they showcase your personality.
Upload at least four photos to showcase your listing. Aspect ratios between 1.5 to 1.6 are best.
Write this in your voice. It’s important that clients get a sense of your personality & values before they get in contact, to ensure there’s a good ‘fit’ with the team. Expectations of an ‘innovation workshop’ are going to vary significantly between an experienced FMCG sales team and a young crypto DAO. Target your audience.
Include short descriptions of:
  • Who you are and what you do
  • Your experience in this specific area (lived, studied or researched)
  • What to expect from the workshop/ retreat/ programme
  • What type of team, business or sector you usually (or most like to) worth with (size, stage, sector, values)
If you have any sort of showreel, this is a great shortcut to grabbing a client’s interest and letting them know what kind of energy you’ll bring to their offsite.
Include three testimonials from clients who match your target audience. This section is designed to build trust and provides a quick indication of whether you’ve worked with similar team set-ups in the past.

For Workshop listings

Choose selectively from the list - we advise selecting three goals this specific workshop/retreat addresses - so clients get a clear picture of your expertise. Ticking everything doesn’t encourage them to select you.
Add a Credly link to your accreditation(s), or link to a PDF.
This is an indicative day rate price - remember to list extras that can be added on to make the experience even more magical. You can chat directly with clients to understand their scope of work, so this is just a starting point for discussion.

For Full Retreat listings

Whether you have a ready-to-go full retreat or plan to customise the offsite programme based on customer needs, use this space to give potential clients a flavour of what they can expect.
  • How many days does it cover?
  • What will the days look like? (Rough start times, number of sessions, finish times)
  • Who will deliver the sessions? Are they accredited or what unique and relevant experience do they have?
  • Will experiences be included? Give examples
  • Will catering be included? Give examples
If you like to run your offsite retreats at a specific location, include the details here and explain why this is a special venue for your gathering.
In this section you can be clear about what is and isn’t included in the indicative price- and what elements can be added on to make the experience even more magical.

Your Profile

Don’t forget to complete your profile! This provides clients with more information about you and your organisation: your personal journey to coaching or facilitation, your unique vantage point on your field of work, your purpose & mission, why you believe offsite experiences and natural environment matter in the new world of work.
These can only be added by clients who have booked your services through WorkTripp.
Having issues? Reach out to us at and we'll help you out.
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