Impactful Offsite Series
Ufi VocTech Trust at
The Billesley Manor Hotel - Stratford-upon-Avon

Fay Bagnowiec is the PA to the Chief Executive at Ufi VocTech Trust. Along with supporting the CEO, Fay also provides assistance to the Senior Leadership team and Ufi staff members as well as organising virtual and in-person meetings and events.
Quick biography:

Ufi VocTech Trust champions the power of vocational technology to improve skills for work, through grant funding, venture investment and advocacy. The team are pioneers in fully distributed working, and are spread across the United Kingdom.

"WorkTripp was able to understand what we needed, whilst nudging us in new and different directions to try out in our future offsites.

On a practical level, WorkTripp helped us to find a new venue when the original venue fell victim to the post-pandemic hospitality fall-out. The new space was light and airy, with lovely grounds; a great place to bring our various stakeholders and team together to envision what's next for our charitable mission."

The Big Picture

What were the main objectives for this offsite?
The main objectives were to find an engaging space to bring a diverse and distributed team together, including the CEO, trustees, communications, investment and grant-funding team . The team attending were a group of 20 travelling from all across the United Kingdom, so the location needed to be central enough that it wasn't an unfair distance of travelling for any one person. The main intention behind the offsite was cross-team connection, fun and engagement, and consolidation of organisational values.

How did WorkTripp help?
WorkTripp understood our brief and sent various options adapted by adventurousness, as well as additional options and experiences geared around team connection.

What did you decide for your offsite in the end?
We booked the The Billesley Manor Hotel near Stratford-upon-Avon. The venue was large enough that it could accommodate the group with unique bedrooms, whilst offering grounds for immersion in a natural environment. The workspace itself was very characterful and private and the location worked for everyone.

How successful was your offsite? Did you meet your objectives? What were any aha! moments you had as a team or personally?
The offsite was a great chance for the SLT to work on vision-setting and strategy before heading into a busy 2023, with more grant-funding submissions than ever before! It was also a really important thing for us all to get together and see each other face to face to sustain those connections as part of our distributed mode of work.

Thanks so much Fay.
See you next time.

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