Why WorkTripp?
Whether you're a team of 5 or 500, we are all about helping you go deeper.
  • From disengaged to purposeful, connected teams
    Memorable in-person experiences generate happy, engaged employees. Use those experiences to focus on working culture, skills development and problem-solving to supercharge your team's performance.
  • From one-off retreats to a cycle of connection
    Enjoy fast problem-solving, continual innovation and increased productivity and growth. Gain clear insights on how offsites are improving your business as part of a new scaffolding for work.
  • From stressed-out organisers to shareable status updates
    Avoid the administrative headache and time-suck of searching, enquiring and booking team offsites. Our outcome-focused approach, tools, and community of suppliers are here to help.
  • From indulgence to impact
    Share insights on what is working for teams across your business through your WorkTripp project planner.
Work with a Specialist
When you're designing to create impact, it's helpful to have experts by your side who know a thing or two about team dynamics and performance. But what type of support do you need?
A coach partners with you in a thought-provoking and creative process to maximise your potential.
Offsites are a perfect opportunity for this sort of leadership development, creating the space to reflect & focus.

You may have particular members of the team who need to work on imposter syndrome, being a founder, or public speaking and executive communication. Coaching can help with all those things - and more!

There's also huge value in group coaching. A great coach - or duo of coaches - will encourage your team to reflect on its dynamics and ways of working, to challenge and inspire them to maximize their abilities and reach their common purpose & goals.

We use two coach classifications at WorkTripp:
  • Certified coaches - accredited by a professional body like the ICF, often with hundreds of hours of corporate coaching experience.
  • Domain specialist coaches - who speak from lived experience, perhaps from being an exited founder or from working within a certain sector.
Preparation is key! To give your team a head-start, consider a virtual introduction between coach and team before the offsite - and seek support on the agenda & design to create maximum impact.
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