Why WorkTripp?
Whether you're a team of 5 or 500, we are all about helping your team go deeper.
  • From disengaged to purposeful, connected teams
    Employees evangelising and delivering for a business focused on working culture, skills development and memorable in-person experiences around the world.
  • From multiple pilots to a cycle of autonomy & connection
    Enjoy fast problem-solving, continual innovation and increased productivity and growth. Gain clear insights on how offsites are improving your business as part of a new scaffolding for work.
  • From stressed out organisers to shareable status updates
    It's wrong that companies should experience the administrative headache and time suck of searching, discovering and booking team offsites when there is a better way. Our tools, community of suppliers, and simplified search are here to help.
  • From one off retreats, to monitoring what works
    Share insights on what is working for teams across your business through your WorkTripp project planner.
Why Facilitators?

As much as you plan for a WorkTripp, the magic is in those unplanned moments. A specialist facilitator can think on their feet and constructively bridge conversations, work through conflict resolution and make sure all the voices in the room are engaged.

You might be tempted to task your COO, or Head of L&D with this role, but an external facilitator can bring objectivity to discussions and make sure that your own internal leadership are part of the discussion and not bogged down in the operations of the day.

Finally, a facilitator can be requested to come up with the overall offsite programme design if this is something you would like to be taken on.

To add a facilitator to your WorkTripp search for a facilitator and start an enquiry. You can add all your detailed questions into the live enquiry, after you connect and chat, for a final proposed price.
Why Coaches?

Offsites are a perfect opportunity to allocate time to leadership development, either 1:1 or as a group. You may have particular members of the team who need to work on imposter syndrome, being a founder, or public speaking and executive communication. A coach can speak from lived experience - for example, from being an exited founder or from working within a certain sector - or from a point of accreditation - for example having ICF accreditation and hundreds and hundreds of hours of corporate coaching experience. Coaches, like facilitators, are important as they
help to build the bridge connections within teams and between teams that are essential for innovation to flourish in our modern world of work. Too many teams rely on word of mouth for coaches, which limits the world of coaching you are exposed to.

To add a coach to your WorkTripp search for a coach and start an enquiry. You can add all your detailed questions into the live enquiry for a final proposed price.

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