Impactful Offsite Series

Zinc at
YHA in Edale, Hope Valley.

Diellza Ramadani is an investment associate at Zinc VC, a venture builder tackling the world's biggest problems.
Quick biography:

Zinc VC was co-founded in 2017 to bring people together who are passionate about solving the world’s most important societal problems by building commercial businesses on the Zinc Venture Builder. In each Venture Builder Zinc runs, they bring together 70 individuals who have never met before and who are passionate about tackling challenges in one of our four mission areas: mental health, globalisation and automation, quality of later life, and the environment.

"WorkTripp understood our aims and was very responsive to our criteria"

The Big Picture

What were the main objectives for this offsite?
Our current Venture Builder is focused on transforming the industries with the most impact on the environment. We wanted to organise a 3-day residential trip for 70 founders, including the Zinc team, away from London and closer to nature to get to know each other better before embarking on their entrepreneurial journey.

How did WorkTripp help?
WorkTripp understood our aims and was very responsive to our criteria, presenting us with multiple outdoor options across England.

What did you decide for your offsite in the end?
We ended up visiting YHA in Edale, Hope Valley. It was important for us to be close-ish to London and have everything we needed in close proximity including accommodation, catering, space for a large group to socialise and gather in and most importantly, outdoor activities. This location ticked all the boxes as everything we needed was on site.

How successful was your offsite? Did you meet your objectives? What were any aha! moments you had as a team or personally?
We had a really great time in Edale. We’ve typically organised city trips on previous Venture Builders but this has made us rethink our residential trips and want to include the outdoor element in future offsites, in order to bring our cohort together.

Thanks so much Diellza.
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