We want to create a legacy of every team experiencing enjoyable, productive work.

At WorkTripp our mission is to raise the value of your team offsites, so that you can retain and develop your top talent and high-performance culture.

Our unique perspective from the world of education, events and technology means we know the importance of shared experiences and social learning, as well as insights and impact.

Collectively, we have many decades worth of experience in community building and human-centred design. We have experienced remote work, crafted in-person events, won awards for our efforts, and felt the memory-sear of unique shared experiences.

Now we want to put together everything we have learnt in a scaleable way to help every team have access to the best of in-person and flexible working to the benefit of employees, companies and their special customers.

Meet our team & advisors
We bring experience and insights from across HR, marketplaces and edtech
Sophie Bailey
Kaan Arslan
Data Analyst
Michelle DuQuette
Strategic Marketing
Jamie Brooker
Advisor (Co-Founder Kahoot!)
Shona Marsh
Advisor (Formerly Accomable, Sold to Airbnb)
Laura Warnier
Advisor (Chief of Growth, Go Student)
Tom Hall
Advisor (GM, Lego Education)
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