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Bring that WorkTripp boost back to your desk
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We only partner with companies that get it: they share our commitment to supercharging team culture and exceptional performance - and they offer best-in-class products & services we love.

Connect with Yourself

Increase self-awareness to perform at your best

Coaching by Blinkist
We love everything about Blinkist - the accessibility to learn new ideas, approaches and theories while on the move is a game-changer for those who don't want to be tethered to their desk.

Now Blinkist offers teams bite-sized, group learning pathways led by world-class coaches & powered by all ideas from thousands of non-fiction books & podcasts.

They offer targeted pathways like Leadership Mindset, Intro to Agile and Resilience - and you can even kick-off the experience during your WorkTripp for added impact!

Tell them we sent you for a special offer: ????

Connect with your Team

Keep those connections strong to achieve great things together

The team at Unlock might be the nicest people on the planet - so it's fitting that they're focused on the next generation of virtual team-building activities.

Unlock membership curates high-impact virtual team experiences that managers can run on their own with the support of super-helpful tool integrations.

Like us, they are firmly anti-boring and they share our passion for making remote work more human and connected. They value intentional design and the curation of excellence. Can you tell why we're friends?!

Connect with your Environment

Manage your energy levels through your environment to do your best work

Go Jauntly

If you're into WorkTripp, you get the power of being outdoors. We love the Go Jauntly walking app because it's like a pocket-sized encyclopaedia of urban walks - which means there's no excuse to be stuck at your desk all day!

Whether you stomp, roam, ramble, hike or wander, you can discover nature-filled walking routes & challenges wherever you are, to keep your body and mind moving in the right direction.
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