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Bodyswaps at
Elmley Nature Reserve

Julien Denoël leads a startup team, Bodyswaps, who are creating a VR Platform for Soft Skills Training
Quick biography:

Julien Denoël is an experienced Co-Founder in Immersive Technologies (AR/MR/VR/XR/AI/Metaverse/Web3). Over the past 8 years, Julien has enabled the delivery of Virtual Reality solutions for global organisations such as Adidas, UEFA, Samsung or KPMG, and co-founded Bodyswaps, the leading VR platform for soft skills training. Julien is a regular speaker and a guest lecturer on immersive technologies at UAL: CSM, INSEEC London and CREA Geneve. Find out more about Bodyswaps here:

"The trip was absolutely amazing! Highly recommend it :) "

The Big Picture

What were the main objectives for this offsite?
We are a team of 15, based in East London and working in a hybrid mode. We were looking to bring everyone together to celebrate the year in early December, and to connect as a team, but we wanted to do something a bit different. We decided that because of how far people live, we should stay overnight within 90 minutes of London.

How did WorkTripp help?
WorkTripp started with a deep understanding of what our team is about and then offered us four venue options within our budget, and some experience ideas that would aid our connectedness as a team. They also sent a pre- and post- WorkTripp survey on team psychological safety, which is an area we are deeply interested in at Bodyswaps because of our training in this area.

What did you decide for your offsite in the end?
We were really impressed with the offer at Emley Nature Reserve. It is super-close to London, immersed in nature, and had a great overnight programme of outside experiences for our team, as well as space for us to think and share ideas inside.

How successful was your offsite? Did you meet your objectives? What were any aha! moments you had as a team or personally?
The offsite was a great success, and described as a really amazing experience by our team. The Aha! moment was sharing our gratitude for each other as a team around the Xmas table in our Xmas jumpers and connecting via some birdwatching in our beautiful environments. It set us up nicely for a strong start to 2023.

What future offsites do you have in mind for 2023

Thanks so much Julien.
See you next time

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